Listen and Do

Hana Švecová (Oxford Basics for Children Oxford University Press 2006)
ISBN 978–0–19–442240–6

The book is one of a series of resource books aimed at teachers of children between ages of 4 and 12. It is divided into 30 two page sections each describing the vocabulary and activities to introduce a different theme e.g. colouring, cooking and parts of the body etc. Each section is set out clearly with a succinct summary of target language, resources, preparation and time guide and followed by a range of activities and variations. The materials are easily accessible and the illustrations clear and easy to copy. There are more than enough suggestions to revisit a theme in different ways and some of the games are certain to become fun favourites with younger students.

I found this book a pleasure to dip into. It is accessible and easy to use, and although some of the activities may be familiar there are more than enough insights and inspirations to spark enthusiasm and innovation in a busy teacher planning an active lesson for the target learners. Some of the activities would also easily adapt for use with older age groups and inject a change of pace into the learning. This book could provide a useful resource for the teacher starting out with young learners or as source of instant ideas for an experienced teacher in search of easily accessible inspiration.
Audrey Wilson Hay
English for Everyone, Aberdeen