New Advanced Language Practice

Michael Vince (Macmillan 2009)
ISBN 978-0-2307-2706-9

This book is for advanced/C1 level students and it can be used in the classroom as a preparation for CAE and Proficiency exams. It consists of two parts; the first part consists of 24 units of grammar explanation and exercises including linking words, phrases, punctuation and spelling. Each unit contains two pages of explanations and four or five pages of exercises. Explanations are clear and are often presented in context. However, there could be more tables and charts for visual learners. After every four units there is a five-page consolidation practice which includes forms of testing used in both the CAE and CPE exams. The second part of the book comprises twenty units of vocabulary exercises on a given topic. There is also a section with words and phrases consisting of three-page units that give more vocabulary practice and consolidation of vocabulary exercises. The book also includes a vocabulary wordlist from each unit.

Language practice is accompanied by a CD-ROM with extra grammar and vocabulary exercises and a test for each unit.

This book is really useful for learning a great number of collocations by topic, plus some detailed explanations about phrasal verbs and vocabulary. It is written in easy-to-use format with clear instructions. This might be a useful addition for the ESOL departmental library.
Emilia Krajewska
Adam Smith College