Basic Oxford Practice Grammar

Norman Coe, Mark Harrison and Ken Peterson(OUP 2009)
Oxford Practice Grammar ISBN: 0-19-430914-2

Oxford Practice Grammar: Lesson plans and worksheets
ISBN: 978-0-19-457984-1

Basic Oxford Practice Grammar consists of 109 units. Each unit is presented on the left-hand page and the practice section on the same page or the facing page. There are 11 tests after a few sections of units. Appendices at the back of the book summarize how to form plurals of nouns, endings, comparative forms of adjectives, and adverbs. They also include a table of irregular verbs. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM, which includes alternative ways to practise correcting written mistakes or taking part in dialogues. There are answers to the exercises and tests. Explanations are clear and easy to follow and also contain illustrations. My students find the exercises useful and enjoyable.

Lesson Plans and Worksheets has 21 lessons, each based on a particular unit in the book. The first section in each unit, titled ‘At a glance’, provides an overview of the lesson, its aims and goals. The plans include the following lesson components: a demonstration, clarification, extra activities and extended free speaking and writing practice. Every lesson plan includes photocopiable worksheets for pair or group work. Some of the extra activities require prompts on the board.

However, these lesson plans should be used selectively because they are sometimes difficult to implement in one lesson.
Emilia Krajewska,
Adam Smith College