Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar

George Yule (OUP 2006)
ISBN: Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar 978-0-19-457982-7; Supplementary Exercises 978-0 19-457987

Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar is for advanced students who have progressed beyond intermediate level. It is suitable for use in the classroom or for self-study. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing interactive activities e.g. correcting mistakes, listening and recording one’s voice and completing tests. The grammar book consists of seventeen units. Each unit starts with an explanation of grammar structures with examples and a page of exercises. Apart from traditional exercises the book includes: summary exercises (choosing appropriate grammatical forms in order to complete a short summary of the text), dictionary exercises (choosing grammatical structures to complete definitions of words and phrases), matching (adding grammatical structures to complete definitions of words and phrases), editing exercises (reading through a paragraph, checking for grammatical mistakes), numbering (completing the connection between explanation and example that best illustrates the explanation) and test exercises (providing answers in a range of different formats used in examinations such as IELTS, the Michigan Test and the Cambridge Proficiency). At the end of each unit there is a test. There is an answer key for all exercises and tests at the end of the book. There is also a glossary of grammatical terms with explanations of what they mean.

The Supplementary Exercises book contains extra exercises that could be use for homework or self-study. includes additional exercises for each unit of Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar.
Emilia Krajewska,
Adam Smith College