Speakout Intermediate


Antonia Clare and JJ Wilson (Pearson Longman BBC, Pearson Education Limited 2011)
ISBN 978-1-4082-1931-7
This book is for intermediate B1/B2 level students and can be used in the classroom as lively teaching materials for General English or a pre-IELTS preparation course. It is clearly designed for a truly distinctive course for teenage, as well as adult, students, with bright colours and pictures on each page. It is designed by using ‘Live Language’ based on an innovative and contemporary approach to language learning and language teaching, with successfully-integrated media resources. This can highly motivate B1/B2 course students to engage in a authentic language learning environment.

The book contains 10 units, covering useful and modern topic areas, different task-based activities and a variety of exciting and motivating exercises required for language acquisition on this level. In addition, each unit has 4 subunits and covers four main skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, focusing as well on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in function. It is easy for students to follow and use. The instructions are clear and the tasks within each exercise build upon each other, challenging the students a little more each time. Also all units include BBC content with video podcasts and DVD, which provide the students with a global range of subject matter
The Students’ book with ‘Active Book’ is supplemented by a list of irregular verbs, a language bank, a vocabulary bank, a communication bank, 1 CD-ROM and audio scripts to each unit at the end of this book. If you teach English at this level, the book would provide a helpful and innovative resource for good practice in the field of English language and English language teaching.

Saltanat Meiramova
Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan
University of Glasgow, UK
(February 2012)