New Inside Out Elementary

Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones (Macmillan 2010) ISBN 978-0-230-41766-3 This text is for young adult/adult learners at A1-A2 level. The layout is similar to the previous Inside Out books and is colourful and motivating with lots of illustrative photographs or illustrations. The text has been split into three separate books; A, B and C. There are sixteen units in total, with a review unit at the end of each block of four. As the book has been separated, each book contains around five or six units plus review units. It covers all the usual elementary grammar and vocabulary topics as well as each of the four skills. In addition, there are a number of supplementary materials to complement this text; CD-ROM, Workbook and audio CD, Teacher’s book and test CD, DVD and DVD Teacher’s book, Class CDs, Inside Out Digital for interactive whiteboards. As well as all the above, this coursebook also has an excellent website with additional downloadable resources, translations to common L2 languages, and eLessons which you can email to the student. This text went down well in class and fits well with other coursebooks, so can be useful as a supplement in itself (as well as a stand-alone course). The vocabulary Extras mostly take the format of matching exercises, so can easily be set as homework or used for self-access. The fact that this text has been separated into three separate texts may be simpler for students to transport, yet may cause problems if the student brings the wrong one to class or if you decide to review something from another unit which has been left at home. Overall this coursebook lives up to the high standards set by its predecessor and I would recommend it highly.

Emily Bryson ESOL Lecturer, Glasgow (February 2012)