General English Book Reviews

Speakout Intermediate (students’ book with ‘Active Book’) by Antonia Clare and JJ Wilson (Pearson Longman BBC, Pearson Education Limited 2011). Reviewed by Saltanat Meiramova (February 2012).

Code green B1+  by Rosemary Aravanis and Stuart Cochrane (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Mike Orr (February 2012).

English World by Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking ( Macmillan 2009). Reviewed by Ruth Shanley (February 2012).

Join In 1: Developing Conversation Strategies by Jack C. Richards, Kerry O’Sullivan (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Kumiko Hattori (February 2012).

New Inside Out, Elementary, Student’s Book (A, B, C). Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Emily Bryson (February 2012).

New Inside Out (student’s book upper-intermediate) by Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Liz Turner (February 2012).

Inspiration 1 & 2 by Judy Garton-Sprenger, Philip Prowse (Macmillan Education). Reviewed by Nathalie Giret (February 2012).

Open Mind: Essentials by Dorothy E. Zemach &Ingrid Wisniewska (Macmillan). Reviewed by Yuan Yuan (February 2012)

New English File Beginner (Student’s Book) by Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Iain Walker.

Easy English for Busy People – English to Polish /level 1 by Helen Costello (Pan Macmillan/Macmillan Digital Audio 2008). Reviewed by Chrys Ray.