Book Reviews

Over the years we have accumulated a rich archive of ELT book reviews from individuals working in EFL / ESOL. Do you have a favourite teaching resource? Why not share what you have learnt with others and tell us more by providing a book review?

Book reviews we currently have include:

ESP Books

  • Business Result (Upper Intermediate) by Student’s book – Michael Duckworth & Rebecca Turner (OUP 2008) Teacher’s book – John Hughes
  • Business Result (Intermediate) by John Hughes & Jon Naunton (OUP, 2014)
  • Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1 by Richard Clark and David Baker (Oxford University Press 2011). Review by Sevim INAL.
  • Check your Aviation English by Henry Emery and Andy Roberts (Macmillan Education 2010). Reviewed by Dianah Esdaile.
  • International English for call centres by Barry Tomalin & Suhashini Thomas (Macmillan Publishers India Ltd 2009). Reviewed by Laura McKinlay.
  • English for the pharmaceutical industry by Michaela Büchler, Kathy Jaehnig, Gloria Matzig & Tanya Weindler (Series: Express – OUP 2010). Reviewed by Jane McKinlay.
  • English for cabin crew by Sue Ellis, Lewis Lansford (Oxford Business English, Express Series – Oxford University Press, 2010). Reviewed by Anne Hughes Hallett.
  • English for Oil and gas 2 by Jon Naunton and Alison Pohl (series: Oxford English for Careers – OUP 2011). Reviewed by Mary Gillespie.
  • Technology 1 by Eric H. Glendinning (Oxford University Press 2007). Reviewed by Danny Levis.
  • Technology 2 by Eric H. Glendinning & Alison Pohl (Oxford University Press 2008). Reviewed by Danny Levis.
  • English for Logistics by Marion Grussendorf (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Ruth Cross.

General English Books

  • Speakout Intermediate (students’ book with ‘Active Book’) by Antonia Clare and JJ Wilson (Pearson Longman BBC, Pearson Education Limited 2011). Reviewed by Saltanat Meiramova.
  • Code green B1+ by Rosemary Aravanis and Stuart Cochrane (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Mike Orr.
  • English World by Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking ( Macmillan 2009). Reviewed by Ruth Shanley.
  • Join In 1: Developing Conversation Strategies by Jack C. Richards, Kerry O’Sullivan (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Kumiko Hattori.
  • New Inside Out, Elementary, Student’s Book (A, B, C). Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Emily Bryson.
  • New Inside Out (student’s book upper-intermediate) by Sue Kay & Vaughan Jones (Macmillan 2010). Reviewed by Liz Turner.
  • Inspiration 1 & 2 by Judy Garton-Sprenger, Philip Prowse (Macmillan Education). Reviewed by Nathalie Giret.
  • Open Mind: Essentials by Dorothy E. Zemach &Ingrid Wisniewska (Macmillan). Reviewed by Yuan Yuan.
  • New English File Beginner (Student’s Book) by Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Iain Walker.
  • Easy English for Busy People – English to Polish /level 1 by Helen Costello (Pan Macmillan/Macmillan Digital Audio 2008). Reviewed by Chrys Ray.

Language Book Reviews

  • Using phrasal verbs for natural English by Elizabeth Walter and Kate Woodford (Delta Publishing 2011). Reviewed by Patricia Findlay.
  • Oxford English Grammar Course (Intermediate) by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter (Oxford University Press 2011). Reviewed by Peter Mehta.
  • Oxford English Grammar Course (Basic) by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter (Oxford University Press 2011). Reviewed by Emily Bryson.
  • Macmillan English Grammar in Context by Simon Clarke (Macmillan 2008). Reviewed by Angela Campbell.
  • Basic Oxford Practice Grammar by Norman Coe, Mark Harrison and Ken Peterson(OUP 2009). Reviewed by Emilia Krajewska.
  • Advanced Oxford Practice Grammar with Tests by George Yule (OUP 2006). Reviewed by Emilia Krajewska.
  • New Advanced Language Practice: English Grammar and Vocabulary (3rd ed) by Michael Vince (Macmillan 2009). Reviewed by Emilia Krajewska.
  • Macmillan Study Dictionary by Michael Rundell, Ed. (Macmillan 2009). Reviewed by Lucy Bradley.

Reading and Readers

  • The call of the wild by Jack London (Macmillan Readers – Macmillan 2011). Reviewed by Noriko Fujii.
  • Adventure stories. Edited by Jo Hathaway with Mark Irvine (Macmillan Literature Collections: Macmillan 2011). Reviewed by Jane McKinlay.

Resource Books

  • Rhymes and Rhythm: A poem-based course for English pronunciation by Michael Vaughan-Rees (new edition – Garnet Education 2010). Reviewed by Jean McCutcheon.
  • 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards – Instant Activities using Technology by Pete Sharma, Barney Barrett and Francis Jones (Macmillan2011). Reviewed by Emily Bryson.
  • Creating conversation in class by Chris Sion (Delta Publishing: Professional Perspectives, 2001). Reviewed by Christine Blair-Murray.

Young Learners Books

  • Listen and Do by Hana Švecová (Oxford University Press 2006). Reviewed by Audrey Wilson Hay.
  • Children Learning English: A guidebook for English language teachers by Jayne Moon (Macmillan 2005). Reviewed by Danny Levis.