Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1

Richard Clark and David Baker (Oxford University Press 2011)
ISBN 978-0-19-456993-4

The book has teacher’s and student’s books and a CD. It is for students who want to make a career in finance, banking and trading. The book teaches language skills based on knowledge in these fields at an intermediate level. It is a pre-work book to teach English through economics- and finance-related topics. The book teaches contextual English and includes 12 units. All the units are mainly designed according to the topic-based syllabus, but the units contain the structural syllabus design as well. Each unit covers different topics of economics and finance sector such as accounting, auditing, tax, insurance, statiscis, retail banking, credit crisis, cash flow. These topics have a range of vocabulary related to the field. The book also focuses on the four integrated skills – speaking, writing, reading and listening and sub-skills such pronunciation, intonation, grammar. At the end of each unit there is a checklist for the self-assessment for the students to check their progress and a key words section providing nouns, verbs and adjectives. At the end of the book there are also 12 grammar tests which contain the whole topics in units.

The book is a very good source for the students who want to gain prior knowledge and jargon of the sectors mentioned and it is also very practical and useful for the teachers to use it as a course book in ESP (English for the Specific Purpose) classes. The language and the design of the book make it easy for students to use and understand it.
Sevim INAL
Edinburgh University