English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Michaela Büchler, Kathy Jaehnig, Gloria Matzig & Tanya Weindler (Series: Express – OUP 2010)
ISBN 978-0-19-457924-7
Designed as a short course for anyone who works in English in the pharmaceutical sector, English for the Pharmaceutical Industry is a useful resource for those who need to teach specialists in this field. Each of the six units covers the one aspect of the process of developing a new headache medicine from an initial video conferencing session of the global project team through to the production and packaging of the drug. Along the way, the language to discuss research and development, quality control, drug trials and safety and regulation of drugs is clearly presented with ample material for classroom practice.

Each unit follows a well-tried format of a Starter or warmer to introduce the topic followed by analysis of authentic documents and listenings with the usual gap-fill, matching and reformulation tasks. An authentic article to allow discussion practice ends each unit. Grammar is not explicitly covered as the focus is very much on the lexis of the industry and on giving students the opportunity to use that language as much as possible, either freely or in role-play situations.

Accompanying the book is a MultiROM which contains the listening extracts and interactive vocabulary and communication exercises, together with an A-Z wordlist of key words. The extensive use of colour and photographs balances the traditional format of the book to make it attractive to handle. The book is mapped to the CEFR framework from a mid-B1 level to a mid-C1 level so can be used (with more or less supplementary support) with a range of levels. The book is an excellent resource for dipping into with those one-to-one professionals for whom finding appropriate material is often challenging.
Jane McKinlay
ECS Scotland
(February 2012)