Business Result (Intermediate)

John Hughes & Jon Naunton (OUP, 2014) ISBNs: 9780-194739399; 9780-194739474; 9780- 194739443

This course targets adult students wishing to ‘learn the communication skills they need at work today’. The workbook says the series is aimed at students on Business Studies or MBA courses. The range in general may be ideal for those students plus others studying in FE or private language schools.

The useful components include: the Student’s book with an interactive workbook and videos; a Teacher’s book containing the class DVD and a Teacher training DVD; the usual class CDs plus a ‘Skills for Business Studies’ companion workbook that provides reading and writing skills practice.

The Student’s book has 16 units with set objectives and contemporary topics that include working life, security, decision-making, innovation and performance. It offers a blend of classroom teaching and self-study, with an emphasis on flexibility and time-efficiency. Each unit provides around four hours of classroom material with the potential of two to three hours of additional study.

There are no longer reading texts in the units and, with an emphasis on listening and speaking, written exercises are kept to a minimum. Instead, students are directed to the Practice File at the back where there are supplementary materials and grammar notes. The Interactive Workbook DVDROM comprises a range of self-study material to help review, consolidate and extend their learning. Each unit has three main sections – Working with Words, Business Communication Skills and Language at Work, plus a case study to establish and test skills learned.

I like its contemporary feel and helpful Teacher Training DVD for anyone new to this series or who needs info (i.e. it doesn’t matter if you lack a business degree!). A small concern is that some 2 teachers may feel overwhelmed by the amount of resources and will need to filter.

Clare Hayward INTO

University of Stirling