ESP books

Business Result (Upper Intermediate) by Student’s book – Michael Duckworth & Rebecca Turner (OUP 2008) Teacher’s book – John Hughes

Business Result (Intermediate) by John Hughes & Jon Naunton (OUP, 2014)

Oxford English for Careers: Finance 1  by Richard Clark and David Baker (Oxford University Press 2011). Review by Sevim INAL (February 2012).

Check your Aviation English by Henry Emery and Andy Roberts (Macmillan Education 2010). Reviewed by Dianah Esdaile, (February 2012).

International English for call centres by Barry Tomalin & Suhashini Thomas (Macmillan Publishers India Ltd 2009). Reviewed by Laura McKinlay (February 2012).

English for the pharmaceutical industry by Michaela Büchler, Kathy Jaehnig, Gloria Matzig & Tanya Weindler (Series: Express – OUP 2010). Reviewed by Jane McKinlay (February 2012).

English for cabin crew by Sue Ellis, Lewis Lansford (Oxford Business English, Express Series – Oxford University Press, 2010). Reviewed by Anne Hughes Hallett (February 2012).

English for Oil and gas 2 by Jon Naunton and Alison Pohl (series: Oxford English for Careers – OUP 2011). Reviewed by Mary Gillespie (February 2012).

Technology 1 by Eric H. Glendinning (Oxford University Press 2007). Reviewed by Danny Levis.

Technology 2 by Eric H. Glendinning & Alison Pohl (Oxford University Press 2008). Reviewed by Danny Levis.

English for Logistics by Marion Grussendorf (Oxford University Press 2009). Reviewed by Ruth Cross.